Friday, December 5, 2008

For all those who love to read ...

The inaugural Australian Romance Readers Convention 2009 gives you a chance to celebrate romance fiction and authors. This is your chance to meet some of the best romance authors, and even get a copy of the book signed!
Check out this link for more info on the authors attending, the dates, where and how you can register to be part of it as well as win some awesome prizes -

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boys Down Under update

Well ... we are SUPER proud that Boys Down Under has made it to the top 20 of the All Romance eBooks anthology section.

The anthology has also made it to Kindle through Amazon.

Also available on CyberRead

Also on Mobipocket

More reviews and fellow authors on The Romance Studio -

More news to follow!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Authors of Boys Down Under

As the release date for our anthology approaches, here's a quick insight into my fellow authors of 'Boys Down Under' make sure you check out their websites. We all come from varied writing and personal backgrounds and it's a good place to see the back catalogue of works.

Maggie Nash
Living in a fantasy world as a child, Maggie was fascinated with telling stories. Whenever she shared her adventures of imaginary friends and saving the world from the bad guys, her mother called it 'Romancing'. Actually it was more likely a really good ploy to get out of doing chores! Little wonder that after a life spent in many different occupations, Maggie has settled into writing erotic thrillers, to fantasy tales of bondage and submission, to romantic suspense and paranormal.

Jess Dee
Jess Dee lives in beautiful Sydney, Australia, with her husband and their two sons. An avid romance reader since her early teens, Jess knew one day, when she grew up, she’d have to write her own love stories. It might have taken a while, but in December of 2005, she finally got “the call.” Her first book, Photo Opportunity had been contracted. Now you can’t hold her down. She’s recently completed her sixth book, and is finally doing the work she loves most-writing romance.

Sarah Dickson
Sarah lives in rural Victoria , Australia with my husband and two dogs. Sarah took up fiction writing five years ago when an opportunity arose to work part-time. She has managed to avoid full time work ever since. Sarah occasionally creates web sites as well as manual labor such as cleaning and would also like to do some more abstract painting and photography. Sarah's passion is writing both erotic and non-erotic fiction that readers will enjoy, preferably a paranormal or set on another world. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, a supportive group who also have great conferences.

Angela Verdenius
Born in Australia, Angela's childhood was spent in a variety of places, both in towns and the outback. Now settled in Western Australia, she works as a nurse. A love of animals has Angela involved in animal welfare, and certainly explains why the cats hog her bed and the hot water bottle! Reading has always been her escape, writing her dream. Horror, myths, legends, fantasy and history ,there are no limits to the wonders to be found. And romance? Well, that adds the spice, hope and happiness ever after.

And of course, Kate Murphy
The baby of the group and very blessed to have worked with such talent and masters of the craft of writing. I live with my wonderful man and problem child of a cat. Currently going through renovations to the house so that leaves little time for writing. Hoping the New Year will result in more free time to dedicate to this wonderful passion.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boys Down Under

Well hello and welcome to my page!!

Very exciting news about joining four of my fellow Australian authors in an anthology soon to be released through ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS.

Check out the cover - pretty nice huh??
Boys Down Under is set for release in mid November.
I'm new to this blogging - so I'll be back soon with more information about Boys Down Under, my writing and my fellow anthology authors.